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Weaning: A Gentle and Respectful Approach

Weaning: A Gentle and Respectful Approach


Many moms in the United States find that the longer they breastfeed, the less camaraderie they feel. Lots of moms start out breastfeeding, and for some, it can feel like you have a great support system in the beginning. But, as time goes on, especially past the age of one, fewer and fewer moms continue to nurse. And those who do, are often doing so in secret, which can make weaning in the toddler years feel like even more of a challenge when you feel there is no one to talk to or help you process this unique and bittersweet time in your life. If this is you, I see you. I’ve been there. You can do this.


This eBook was written specifically for you. So, grab a notebook and a pencil, settle into a cozy spot, and let’s talk about weaning your nursling.

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