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Favorite Infant & Toddler Products

This list is not at all exhaustive, but rather highlights some favorite products.  Check back periodically for updates. Take a peek at our Baby Registry Check-list for items to consider when planning for what you might need/want when your baby arrives. 

  • Diaper Changing Mat

    • Large changing mat that accommodates your baby as they grow.  Thin enough to fold in fourths and tuck into a diaper bag and easy to wipe clean. 

  • Sheepskin Rug

    • Lying your baby on a genuine sheepskin rug has many health benefits and is great for bringing along when you travel so your baby has a cozy and familiar surface to lie on when playing. 

  • Booties

    • Infant socks are notorious for falling off and getting lost, booties are easier to keep on and can be adjusted around the ankle for a secure fit. 

  • Wipe-able bibs 

    • For older babies & toddlers. Keep some thin, easy to clean bibs in your diaper bag for meals away from home.  They can be very handy and take up virtually no space in the diaper bag. 

  • Red light nightlight

    • Middle of the night diaper changes and feeds are inevitable and being able to see in the dark is a must.  Red light is said to promote the production of melatonin, the sleepy hormone, and help keep your baby from waking up in the night to white light and thinking it’s morning. 

  • BackJack Floor Chair

    • Having comfortable seating for adults is a must when so much time will be spent on the floor observing and interacting with your little one in the early years. 

  • Playpen

    • A safe and designated play area for your baby is key to promoting independent play and ensuring your little one is safe while you tend to household tasks. 

  • Bottle Drying Rack

    • It’s great to have a drying rack designated for infant feeding supplies and this one takes up little space and is easy to clean. 

  • Microwave Sterilize Bags

    • These microwavable sterilizing bags can be used at home or when traveling and can be a lifesaver if you have a need for sanitizing pump and bottle parts away from home. 

  • Spoons

    • These mini spoons are the perfect size for older infants and toddlers. 

  • Mini Pitcher

    • Toddlers love to do things themselves and having a small pitcher that allows them the opportunity to practice pouring water or milk into their cup is a great way to encourage independence. 

  • Cups

    • Small enough for little hands but large enough to hold a decent amount of water or milk, these cups are dishwasher safe and stackable! Bonus- they are clear so your little one knows what’s inside. 

  • Burp Cloths

    • Old fashioned cloth diapers are simple and not super attractive but they make excellent burp cloths.  They’re the perfect size, have terrific absorbance and they wash up easily! Win, win, win!

  • Changing Table

    • Forward facing changing tables allow babies to have freedom of movement and greater participation during diaper changes and puts the adult and baby facing one another straight on.  Changing diapers face on is important because it allows the baby’s mirror neurons in the brain to activate when face to face. Changing your baby’s diaper face to face is more natural and can be compared to reading a book straight on.  Just like it is easier to read and understand a story if the letters are written in the direction where you are facing it’s easier to connect and process during a diapering exchange when face to face. 

  • Toothbrush

    • Terrific toothbrush for babies who are popping their first teeth! The handle is designed so babies can easily hold the toothbrush independently and use it as a teether!

  • Sleepsacks

    • Sleepsacks are beneficial for multiple reasons: 1. Babies need freedom of movement but also find comfort in the boundary that a sleepsack provides.  They can kick and wiggle to their heart's content while still feeling the resistance of the boundary of the fabric.  2. Sleepsacks support healthy hip development. 3. Sleepsacks allow for the startle reflex to be triggered.  The startle reflex can be frustrating for parents but it is an important survival mechanism ensuring babies continue breathing by periodically prompting them to take a deep breath. 4. Lastly, sleepsacks help babies avoid sleeping so deeply that they miss necessary nighttime feeds. 

  • Side-snapping onesies and shirts for infants

    • These onesies make dressing young infants so much easier as they don’t require anything going over the baby’s head and are helpful in keeping blowout diapers a little more contained. 

  • Pram-style baby stroller

  • Baby Sling

    • There are often occasions where you need to bring your young infant somewhere that isn’t stroller-friendly, this is where the sling comes in handy.  Slings allow babies to be close to you, in a comfortable and natural position and bonus- makes breastfeeding easy! Slings are preferred to carrying a baby around in an infant car seat because although neither option allows for much movement by the infant, the infant's needs are more easily met when held vs. being in a rigid car seat. 

  • 3 in 1 Sound machine/ night light/ time-to-rise light 

    • Great for home and travel! Makes transitioning out of a crib easier. 

  • Toddler travel bed 

    • For when your baby outgrows a portable crib, this is an awesome bed to transition to that still feels cozy and safe like a crib but is also easy to travel with and accommodates the height and weight of toddlers. 

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