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Strollers that Meet the Developmental Needs of Babies

Convertible strollers that easily go from a bassinet on wheels to a toddler stroller so beautifully accommodate the various developmental needs of babies and toddlers.

In the young baby stage the stroller basket lies flat like a bassinet, facing the parent, with plenty of room for Baby to move, but cozy enough that he/she feels secure. Then when Baby learns to sit up you can put the stroller in a sitting position still facing the parent, which is great for older babies who still want and need the security of seeing the parent. Once they become a toddler and become more curious about the world you can turn the seat around so the child faces out, like a typical stroller.

It meets the parent’s need for outings without compromising the child’s physical or emotional development. Bonus, because it lies flat there’s no need to feel guilty if Baby falls asleep in the bassinet setting on an occasional outing because the quality of sleep in a lying down position is higher than if he/she was in a car seat.

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